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Consulting Services

We are committed partners very much attuned to the reality of entrepreneurs and the business world. Our goal? To help you benefit from the resources and strengths of one of the top performing mutual insurance firms in Quebec, to determine the best group insurance strategy for your organization and to facilitate its day-to-day management.

With us, everything is crystal clear and easy to grasp, from decision-making to financial planning and getting our programs up and running.

  • Keeping up-to-date with an evolving industry.
  • Providing strategic insights and advice.
  • Supporting senior executives and managers in matters of group insurance and employee benefits.
  • Auditing programs, analyzing needs and making client-specific recommendations.
  • Assisting with on-site implementation.
  • Developing customized solutions.
  • Presenting the program to your team.
  • Highly personalized advice and support.
  • Program monitoring and feedback.
  • Mediation, settlement negotiations, etc.
  • Issues and crisis management.

Solutions and Products

Group Insurance

Join forces with a powerful and growing mutual insurance firm whose clients are big and small companies working in diverse economic sectors all across Quebec. The strength of our network gives us great negotiating power and guarantees stable, competitive prices.

For you that means less risk, more stability and the best possible price for your insurance and benefits program year after year. Are you smiling? Yes, you are smiling.

  • Risk mitigation: + than 500 client companies and 20,000 members.
  • Several million in annual premiums.
  • Unique negotiating and purchasing power.
  • Predictable costs.
  • Flexible approach.
  • Optional dental and vision care per employee

Self-managed Program

Take control of your insurance plan, define eligible coverage in detail and control costs 100%. This approach involves proactive management of your program and a sustained commitment to your employees’ health (education, prevention, etc.).

  • Reduce and control costs.
  • Lower administration costs.
  • Flexible, highly customizable approach.
  • High transparency and increased decision-making power.
  • Profits and losses belong to the company.

Retirement Savings Plan

A competitive, turnkey multi-manager offering. With this intelligent solution, prepare for a future that smiles on you.

  • Exclusive offers to Pinc. collectif clients who are members of the entrepreneurs’ association EntreChefs PME!
  • No intervention required.
  • No trust or maintenance fees.
  • A dedicated, specialized resource assigned to your account.
  • Participants have access to topnotch resources and tools.

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