The skyrocketing cost of drugs has become a major social issue. The majority of medical insurance claims are directly linked to those high costs, thus leading to unsustainable insurance premiums for Quebec businesses.

Our collective strength protects our clients from this trend.
But the time has come to transform the way we do business.

Business models need to evolve in order to shift the balance of power within the industry so that the focus in on the individual.

After all, isn’t the interest of the individual supposed to be essence of insurance??

Innovate. Change the rules of the Game.

We are actively involved in changing mentalities and the way we do business, creating new tools for the insurance sector.

That ambition led us to create Pinc. CO-LAB, a task force dedicated to the study of new practices and technological advances in the insurance industry, particularly in the area of artificial intelligence.

Together with various partners, we are developing transformative products and solutions for a more equitable distribution of insurance costs for businesses.

Would you like to take part
in the discussion? ?

Do you have technology or expertise that could be useful?

So let’s talk. We are always open to
new approaches that make our group stronger.