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We help business leaders and executives implement effective, easy-to-manage group insurance programs that keep their employees happy. We do it with passion, intelligence and collaboration, because that’s how we make a positive impact in the lives of individuals and companies.

+ dynamic

A powerful and growing mutual insurance firm working with more than 500 businesses and 20,000 policyholders across Quebec. Our unique collective strength provides you with protection and all the advantages usually reserved for very large firms: negotiating and purchasing power, competitive prices, flexible solutions, stable premiums and much more.

+ present

Our passionate experts work with you step-by-step to create solutions for your insurance, savings and group service needs, solutions that are fully adapted to your business reality and to the needs of everyone in your organization. Our advisors work for you, putting people first, time after time.

+ equitable

Our team focuses more than ever on changing the rules of the game, making group insurance business models more logical and equitable for entrepreneurs and individuals. We like to come up with new approaches that shake up the status quo in order to contribute, in our own way and in our own sphere, to building a better world.

Proximity. Performance. Progress.

That is the strength of Pinc. collectif.

And the promise of an entire team determined to make a difference.

The Pinc. Team

We are passionate about group insurance. We work with you to build value-added programs that help strengthen your corporate culture.

Respect & Openness

In a world where people are often apathetic and individualistic, respect and openness are for me the strongest foundations for progress.

Sylvain Lessard [+]

1 866 333.2124 ext. 204

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Professionalism & Health

I pursue an approach that allows me to dream, to grow and to build.  And I share my findings with the people around me.

Paul Gauthier

1 866 333.2124 ext. 213

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Pleasure & Harmony

Fun and collaboration at work engage the heart and mind, adding talent and happiness to daily life.

Allan Breau

1 866 333.2124 ext. 203

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Engagement & Harmony

What inspires me? Discovering the best in everyone, spreading joy and making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Nancy Blais

514 207.1901

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Respect & Family

Respect and having an active presence are essential in building positive, inspiring relations that enhance our lives.

Nicolas Therrien

819 818.8966

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Respect & Integrity

Relations based on trust and honesty are at the heart of my values. What inspired me to joined the Pinc. team was the  strength of its principles.

Jean-Nicolas Breau

514 653.1793

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Commitment & Trust

Commitment and trust are the basis of everything, especially in business. I like people and I like being useful. I enjoy helping others.

Michel Touré

438 372.8761

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Integrity & Helping Others

Integrity is what appealed to me about Pinc. It’s about staying true to your values in all circumstances, even when no one’s looking.

Philippe Dicaire

514 293.3842

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Commitment & Creativity

For me, happiness lies in discovering, sharing and understanding other points of view, other places and new ideas.

Audrey Jomphe

1 866 333.2124 ext. 206

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Engagement & Equilibrium

Listening and maintaining a balance in all important aspects of life enable us to honour our promises and to give the best of ourselves to those around us.

Mélanie Renaud

1 866 333.2124 ext. 209

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Respect & Harmony

Respect, openness and collaboration are the foundations for harmony and the secret to an inspiring, productive and energizing life.

Ann Cloutier

1 866 333.2124 ext. 210

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Respect and Harmony

Each individual, with their unique palette of colors, deserves respect. This value forms the foundation of success, whether within a team or a harmonious company.

Véronique Richer

1 866 333.2124 ext. 202

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Respect & Reputation

My role involves complex negotiations, where visions often differ. Respect and goodwill are the key to preserving harmony.

Nathalie Denis

1 866 333.2124 ext. 207 

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Integrity & Responsibility

The focus of my approach is maintaining healthy, ethical business relations and respecting my commitments.

Julie Grant

1 866 333.2124 ext. 201

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Integrity & Respect

Relationships based on trust, respect and fairness are the basis for a successful team, project or company.

Charle Moussa

1 866 333.2124 ext. 208

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Respect & Equity

Treating others with respect and consideration, and being fair, is the basis of harmonious relationships.

Fanny Rainville-Delage

1 866 333.2124 ext. 208

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